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Honden houden blijkbaar toch niet van Bush en Hitler

Blijkbaar waren deze ads unauthorized.

Onderwerp: Removal of Unauthorized Ads from Site

Boodschap: It has come to our attention that three unauthorized
advertisements for Pedigree have been posted to your website (see the
below link).   Your website indicates that these advertisements were
developed by our agency TBWA\Brasil and identifies current and former
employees of TBWA\Brasil as having created such advertisements.
Please be advised that these advertisements were not developed by
TBWA\Brasil or developed on behalf of our Pedigree client.  Please
also be advised that we consider any further inclusion of such
material on your website to be unauthorized and an infringement of the
intellectual property rights of our client Pedigree.  We demand that
you promptly remove such advertisements from your website.  Please
reply by return email to notify me that the advertisements have been
permanently removed from your website and that any further attempt to
post such advertisements will be blocked.

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“Honden houden blijkbaar toch niet van Bush en Hitler”